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The operating company Merson is a family business established in 1971. In Paris, in the 2nd arrondissement, in the heart of the Bourse district, a team of ten people welcomes you in a warm and friendly atmosphere, to serve you well.

Discounted several times a day, you will find in a few clicks the exchange rates for all the most interesting current and exotic currencies of Paris and you will be able to order your currencies online easily and have you delivered throughout France. The sale of currency online is at the same price as in our exchange office, without commission.

Since 2010, a second exchange office has opened at 22 rue Feydeau where you can sell your gold by weight and make money transfers to all countries of the world through Western Union.

We are a member of the syndicate of money changers as well as an approved member of the group of professionals of the gold. We are also members of SNENNP, National Union of Professional Numismatic Experts, since 1983.

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CurrencyFor 1€For 1 currencyFor 1€For 1 currency
Dollar - United states- USD1.07760.928001.12110.89200
Yen - Japan - JPY116.41440.00859122.69940.00815
Dollar - Australia - AUD1.58480.631001.68920.59200
Dollar - Canada - CAD1.41040.709001.48370.67400
Crown - Denmark - DKK7.19420.139007.69230.13000
Pound - Great Britain - GBP0.84391.185000.87871.13800
Dollar - Hong Kong - HKD8.06450.124009.09090.11000
Crows - Norway - NOK9.61540.1040010.41670.09600
Crown - Sweden- SEK10.41670.0960011.11110.09000
Francs - Swiss- CHF1.08460.922001.12990.88500

The operating company Merson is supervised by the Prudential and Resolution Control Authority, (61 rue Taitbout 75009 Paris).
Concerning the anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing measures, the operating company Merson is subject to French law.
The laws and decrees on this subject are based on the standards of the European Union. We have put in place measures and procedures to prevent and detect money laundering in accordance with the recommendations of the FATF (International Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering). Money laundering is considered an offense and France is a member of the European Union and a member of the FATF.


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