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All of our currencies are available immediately, with a wide choice in denominations. . Your leisure or business trip will begin with us in the best conditions.

Our "Change" service, with a permanent stock of  64 different currencies, from South Africa to the USA, New Zealand or Japan, allows us to provide you at any time with currency for your travels in the whole world.


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CurrencyFor 1€For 1 currencyFor 1€For 1 currency
Rand - South Africa - ZAR14.61990.068400016.47450.0607000
CFA Central African States Est XOF617.28400.00162001000.00000.0010000
Dinar Algeria DZD126.10340.0079300266.66670.0037500
Ryal - Arabie Saoudite - SAR3.87600.25800004.60830.2170000
Peso Argentina ARS39.84060.025100050.25130.0199000
Dollars Bahamas BSD0.98431.01600001.49700.6680000
Dinar Bahrein BHD0.39492.53200000.50301.9880001
Real - Brésil - BRL3.74530.26700004.40530.2270000
Lev - Bulgarie - BGN1.84500.54200002.12310.4710000
Dollars Eastern Carabbean XCD2.75480.36300003.48430.2870000
Pesos Chile CLP689.65520.0014500826.44630.0012100
Pesos Colombia COP3039.51370.00032903984.06370.0002510
Wong - Corée du sud - KRW1201.92310.00083201406.46970.0007110
Kuna - Croatie - HRK6.89660.14500007.87400.1270000
Livre Egypt EGP16.66670.060000022.22220.0450000
Dirham - Emirat Arabe - AED3.89110.25700004.38600.2280000
Forint - Hongrie - HUF304.87800.0032800350.87720.0028500
Rupees - Mauritius - MUR36.90040.027100042.73500.0234000
Roupie - Inde - INR67.56760.014800081.96720.0122000
Roupie - Indonésie - IDR14084.50700.000071016666.66600.0000600
Couronne - Islande - ISK130.03900.0076900147.71050.0067700
Shekel - Israel - ILS3.69000.27100004.14940.2410000
Dinar Jordan JOD0.72251.38400000.91411.0940000
Shilling Kenya KES100.40160.0099600135.86960.0073600
Wong Koweit KWD0.31063.22000000.40162.4900001
Ringitt - Malaisie - MYR4.23730.23600005.02510.1990000
CFA Mali-West Africa XOF609.75610.00164001000.00000.0010000
Dirham Morocco MAD9.67120.103400011.29940.0885000
Pesos - Mexique - MXN19.96010.050100022.47190.0445000
Dollar - Nouvelle Zelande - NZD1.56990.63700001.74220.5740000
Rial Oman OMR0.40342.47900000.46902.1319998
Piso Philippines PHP51.02040.019600064.93510.0154000
Zloty - Pologne - PLN3.93700.25400004.60830.2170000
Ryal Qatar QAR3.77360.26500004.44440.2250000
Pesos - R.Dominicaine - DOP51.28210.019500060.97560.0164000
Couronne - Rép.Tcheque - CZK23.92340.041800027.24800.0367000
Lei - Roumanie - ROL4.32900.23100005.07610.1970000
Ruble - Russia - RUB64.10260.015600076.92310.0130000
Dinar Serbia RSB102.35410.0097700128.04100.0078100
Roupie Seychelles SCR13.92760.071800030.76920.0325000
Roupie Sri-Lanka LKR164.47370.0060800232.01860.0043100
Dollar - Taiwan - TWD30.86420.032400037.45320.0267000
Bath - Thailande - THB32.25810.031000037.31340.0268000
Dinar Tunisia TD2.89860.34500003.70370.2700000
Lire - Turquie - TRL5.78030.17300006.80270.1470000
Hryvnia Ukraine UAH26.59570.037600041.66670.0240000
Peso Uruguay UYU36.76470.027200046.29630.0216000



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