Taxation of Gold

Since 2006, anyone with a gold heritage can choose between two tax regimes, namely:

If you can prove the origin of your property by means of a registered invoice, an ISF declaration, a succession inventory etc… the sale may be subject to capital gains tax (profit between the purchase price And the selling price). This tax is 36.20% for the first three years, followed by a reduction of 5% per additional year. The exemption is total after 22 years.
If you do not realize a gain on the sale, you are totally exempt from tax.
If you can not justify the source of your property, or if the tax on the capital gain is too large, the sale may be subject to a levy of 10.5% applicable to the total amount of the transaction (11.00% tax on precious metals as well as 0.50% for the RDS).

Investment gold is not subject to VAT.


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