Exchange Rate of Current Currencies

All of our currencies are available immediately, with a wide choice in denominations.  Your leisure or business trip will begin with us in the best conditions.
Our "Change" service, with a permanent stock of 64 different currencies, from South Africa to the USA, New Zealand or Japan, allows us to provide you at any time with currency for your travels in the whole world


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CurrencyFor 1€For 1 currencyFor 1€For 1 currency
Dollar - United states- USD1.16820.856001.23920.80700
Yen - Japan - JPY121.95120.00820129.03230.00775
Dollar - Australia - AUD1.56490.639001.72120.58100
Dollar - Canada - CAD1.49030.671001.65290.60500
Crown - Denmark - DKK7.14290.140008.26450.12100
Pound - Great Britain - GBP0.87261.146000.92591.08000
Dollar - Hong Kong - HKD8.65580.1155310.29970.09709
Crows - Norway - NOK10.10100.0990011.49430.08700
Crown - Sweden- SEK9.80390.1020010.98900.09100
Francs - Swiss- CHF1.05150.951001.11610.89600

Our service charges are minimal on main currencies such as U.S dollar, Japanese yen, Swiss franc, Canadian dollar, Pound Sterling, assuring you the best price on your transactions.

You are a buyer :

All our currencies are available immediately with a large choice of denominations. Travellers cheque are available to order under 24h.(please phone for inquiries)

Your vacation or business trip will start under good conditions with us.

You are seller :

You sell on a clear base without commission.
With a permanent actualisation of our rates on our website, you can at any time calculate your transaction.

Payement is immediate in the denomination of your choice regardless of the amount.


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